Annually, poor road conditions contribute more than 1/3 of highway fatalities and cost billions nationally.

Econ Development

Companies looking to relocate to Mississippi or expand in the state require suitable infrastructure to transport both their employees and their goods.


Studies show a good long-term plan for our roads would generate 7,000 jobs per year in Mississippi.

Lower Costs

Damaged roads are expensive for Mississippi motorists. Bad roads force drivers to spend more money on maintenance for things like flat tires, cracked wind shields and alignment problems. Fixing our roads would save the average driver $530 per year.

It is Time For Action: Worst Roads in Mississippi

Mississippi has some of the worst roads in America. Bad roads cost us money, jobs and lives. Good roads and bridges are important to Mississippi’s economy. Don’t you agree? Studies show a good transportation plan would produce 7,000 jobs in MS each year! It would also result in an average of $530 in savings for Mississippi drivers because bad roads cause flat tires, cracked windshields and damage alignments. In addition, poor roads contribute over 1/3 of all fatal car wrecks. Fixing this problem is necessary. Leaders in the Mississippi Legislature are working on a plan right now. We need to let them know the extent of this problem. Send a photo of the worst roads in your city and we'll post the best (worst) of them here.