Bad Roads Are Expensive

Roads and bridges that are deficient, congested or lack desirable safety features cost Mississippi motorists billions statewide annually – as much as $1,879 per person in some areas - due to higher vehicle operating costs, traffic crashes and congestion-related delays.

Mississippi drivers suffer flat tires, damaged alignments, cracked windshields and more due to poor road conditions. The mounting need for road and bridge maintenance is growing and proper long-term road maintenance would save an average of $530 a year for Mississippi drivers.

Mississippians pay as much as $2.25 billion per year in the form of extra vehicle operating costs (VOC) as a result of driving on roads in need of repair, lost time and fuel due to congestion-related delays, and the costs of traffic crashes in which roadway features likely were a contributing factor. Traffic congestion in Mississippi is also worsening, costing the state’s drivers $529 million annually in lost time and wasted fuel. Plus, when companies are forced to use inefficient routes to reach customers it raises prices. This results in a hidden 'road tax' in everything you buy.